German Maestro 3 SUB 12

3-Series – A promise

The GermanMAESTRO 3-SERIES has its very own product philosophy. For that reason, every product within the series – which is marked with the three claws – stands for:
 Razor-sharp, focused engineering with clear ambition
 Razor-sharp quality controls along the production process
 Razor-sharp calculation for gaining a very good price / quality ratio
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Technical Data

  • Power Handling: 350 W RMS / 700 W Musik
  • AMP Recommendation: 150 W – 1.500 W
  • Impedance: 2 x 2 Ω
  • Xlin: +/- 15 mm
  • Xmax: +/- 25 mm !
  • Mounting depth: 152 mm / 5.98″
  • Cut-out ∅: 283 mm / 11.14″
  • External ∅: 315 mm / 12.4″
  • Weight: 5,8 Kg

    Enclosure Recommendations

    (Data valid for an activated low-pass filter at 80Hz, 24dB/oct)

    The choice of enclosure has a significant influence on the tonal behavior and maximum SPL of the subwoofer.

    In general, we recommend two different types of enclosure:


    Option 1 – Closed box (precise, crisp bass for sound quality installations)

    3SUB10 22 Liter: Qtc = 0,5 ;

    10 Liter: Qtc = 0,7 ;

    fu (-10 dB) = 21 Hz (recommendation for a maximum depth)

    fu (-10 dB) = 27 Hz (recommendation for a small enclosure size)

    3SUB12 50 Liter: Qtc = 0,55 ;

    24 Liter: Qtc = 0,7 ;

    15 Liter: Qtc = 0,85 ;

    fu (-10 dB) = 20 Hz (recommendation for a maximum depth)

    fu (-10 dB) = 24 Hz (best compromise of enclosure size and depth)

    fu (-10 dB) = 28 Hz (recommendation for small enclosure)


    Option 2 – Vented Box (up to 8dB more maximum SPL than comparable closed boxes, but less precise)

    3SUB10 40 Liter: fb = 30 Hz (1x BR-Kit-1) ;

    25 Liter: fb = 37 Hz (1x BR-Kit-1) ;

    fu (-10 dB) = 22 Hz (recommendation for maximum SPL all the way down)

    fu (-10 dB) = 28 Hz (recommendation for smaller enclosures)

    3SUB12 50 Liter: fb = 26 Hz (1x BR-Kit-1) ;

    30 Liter: fb = 34 Hz (1x BR-Kit-1) ;

    fu (-10 dB) = 20 Hz (recommendation for maximum SPL all the way down)

    fu (-10 dB) = 26 Hz (recommendation for smaller enclosures)

    Engineered in Germany

    At the very first beginning of a product, there is always engineering. In case of the 3-SERIES subwoofers, we took an extra amount of time for creating a product which is combining very good tonal attributes with high power handling capability and absolute performance. We take this extra effort in order to be able to provide a product that puts smile on your face.

    Performance machines don’t need any make-up

    If you’re searching for nice decorating parts, you’re on the wrong track. The plain, straight forward design shows what is inside those subwoofers – true performance machines. Spacious ventilations within the basket and the pole plate guarantee an optimum cooling of the voice coil for maximum power load stability even for hours.

    The advantage is in the details

    The extra strengthened paper membrane ensures an optimum weight/stability ratio. A valuable rubber surrounding ensures long-term durability over years.

    Special dust cap design:

    The special geometry improves its stiffness while keeping the weight low and supports the membrane significantly at the point of force transmission from the voice coil

    Extra large gluing surface for maximum stability

    No Coincidence.

    Improving, strengthening, selecting

    All gluing of surrounding, membrane, spider and voice coil are well over engineered, compared to the standards. The elastic glue around the edges of the tinsel leads is added with great attention and care. There are only special T-yokes used, which have very low tolerances and a high surface quality. This is how a maximum of safety and durability can be granted, even if the subwoofer is pumping at its awesome Xmax of + / – 25 mm!

    We keep our efforts high

    for lowering your limitations

    Due to the black nomex-spider and a wide, flexible rubber surrounding, this woofer is capable of very high linear excursions without much mechanical loss. In addition, it has a 2 x 2 Ohms dual voice coil, which is offering a variation of connection possibilities to you, for best fit to almost every amplifier. Moreover, due to the extraordinary high coil winding, harmonic distorions are kept to a minimum even at high cone travel. Power handling of 350W RMS / 700W Music is a serious measurement without any marketing tricks. The 700W Music is the more relevant date, because this value reflects much more the load of a common music signal, whereas the sine- or noise signal used for rms-measuring is posing a strain which won´t ever occur during normal use. We recommend to use amplifiers starting from 150W (budget) up to 1.500W (fun!).

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