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 BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_HD_Quality_fedd652d-726e-41bf-ad0a-8222ff9cab7fHIGH DEFINITION VIDEO PERFORMANCE

1080P recording at 30FPS guarantees smooth and sharp video quality


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_MP 2.4MP SONY CMOS SENSOR
  • Renowned true Full HD CMOS Sensor offers excellent day and night video footage


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_G-Sensor_Recording HIGH COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY
  • Record more footage on the same capacity microSD card


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Expandable_Memory_Size BLACKVUE VIEWER FOR WINDOWS PC AND MAC
  • BlackVue Viewer for Windows PC and MAC


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Wide_Angle 129’ WIDE ANGLE LENS
  • Record more accurate and clear video of any accident
BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Video-Out_Interface SUPPORT 128GB MICROSD CARD
  • Maximize the capcity of DR650-2CH for microSD card memory


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Trendy_Design DISCREET DESIGN
  • Fully matte black body allows for discreet operation, perfect for theft prevention
BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Status_LED BLACKVUE OVER THE CLOUD
  • Pair your cloud enabled Blackvue DR650GW-1CH to an internet hotspot and take advantage ofimpressive features to stay connected to your device from anywhere in the world.


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Auto_Parking_Surveillance 3 RECORDING MODES (NORMAL, EVENT AND PARKING MODE)
  • G-Sensor is activated in Event mode, automatic switching to / from Parking mode


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_External_GPS INTERNAL GPS
  • Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and location data which can be accessed via the Blackvue Viewer


BlackboxMyCar_-_Which_Dashcam_Should_I_Buy_-_Wi-Fi BLACKVUE APP
  • Fine tune your BlackVue using Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, and even Windows 8/RT