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JBL GTO 6583C 3-way component car audio speakers (16.5 cm, 240 Watt, 92 dB) black

JBL GTO 6583C, 165/87 mm 3-way component speaker system.

The new JBL GTO speakers set standards in your price range. They offer superb sound performance for both those who expand their factory in the car built systems as well as for those who want to travel with a world-class sound system.

More and more cars (z. B. BMW and Volkswagen) are equipped with a special installation for midrange. The 3-way component system has a separate 87 mm midrange and fits perfectly in these vehicles.

The Plus One woofer / midrange membranes of Grand Touring Series provide at each slot for maximum membrane surface, and the impedance of 2 Ohm use virtually any amplifier power optimally. This combination of features with no irrefutable benefits are only available in the new JBL GTO – the right choice for optimal performance in any system of “well-behaved” and “evil”

Reduced Impedance: All GTO speakers of the 2008 series have a nominal impedance of 2 ohms. Thus they exploit the power of the connected amplifier or head units from perfect. These devices are designed to enhance their performance when driving 2 ohm loads. The speakers are designed so that the BTL amplifier, which are often installed in inexpensive head units do not overheat. Almost each amplifier has its maximum power at a load of 2 ohms. When connecting a 2 ohm speakers to a conventional amplifier, so he plays audibly louder than a simple 4 ohm speakers. Therefore thus the overall efficiency of the amplifier / speaker device group is significantly higher.

Result: more volume for the same money’s

Low-Q woofer design: The improved woofer parameters (low goodness, low Qs’) provide a downwardly extended frequency response and smooth frequency of typical mounting locations (for example, door, rear shelf)

PlusOne ™ membranes: Each speaker of this series has a membrane area which is significantly larger than for models with the same size chassis Rack dimensions of other manufacturers. This improves the efficiency and thus the bass level.

My-Ti ™ Tweeter: Extremely stiff, light and high efficiency, the new tweeter Mylar Titan offer significantly improved high-frequency performance. This new material shifts the partial resonances above the audible range and is thus superior to metal diaphragms. The larger surface area of the voice coil ensures better heat dissipation, whereby these tweeters are more durable than cheaper tweeter with internal voice coil.

The newly designed, separate crossovers highest quality are equipped with an easily accessible switch for regulating the Hochtonlautstärke and an integrated tweeter protection circuit (PTC). The crossovers housing was scaled brings larger terminals and now also has low-loss coils and film capacitors for unmatched audio fidelity.

Improved tweeter mounting system I-Mount (patent no. 5,859,917). The extensive accessory set has been newly updated and now includes the ability to position the tweeter in a supplied angled mounting housing. The improved placement opportunities the tweeter can be perfectly positioned. This improves the spatial resolution of the music signal and thus the listening experience.

Specifications: JBL GTO 6583C

165 mm 3-way speaker system

Frequency range: 50 Hz-21 kHz

Efficiency: 92 dB

Impedance: 2 Ohm

Continuous power (RMS): 80 Watt

Peak power: 240 watts

Mounting depth: 59 mm

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