Integrated subwoofer system with 10″ driver and 10″ passive radiator

Infinity integrated subwoofer system with 10″ driver and 10″ passive radiator delivers big bass with 200W RMS amp and high-tech compact enclosure. Subwoofer upgrade is now possible in applications where custom boxes would not normally fit. Quick-disconnects and quick-release connections enable easy hook-up. Given size, shape, and sound, the BassLink DC can maximize bass response for virtually any vehicle.

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General Specifications

Driver Complement                10”(250mm) Woofer and 10”(250mm) Passive Radiator.
Amplifier Power                      200 RMS
Frequency Response             20Hz – 120Hz
Fuse                                       25A
Maximum Current Draw         22.6 A
Quiescent Current Draw        <450 mA
Input Sensitivity                     0.05 V – 2.0 V Low-Level Input; 0.5 V – 20V High-Level Input
Crossover Frequency            50 Hz – 120 Hz
Crossover Slope                   12 dB/octave
Bass Boost                            0dB to + 9dB @ 55 Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H)        14-1/2″ x 11-1/4″ x 14-3/8″ (367.5 mm x 284.8 mm x 364.9 mm)


Flexible Placement

Integrated system with extremely compact footprint allows subwoofer upgrade where other custom enclosures would not normally fit and achieves remarkably impressive bass output.

High Technology Glass-Reinforced ABS Enclosure

ABS enclosure is water-resistant and suitable for marine and off-road applications without the buzz and resonance problems generally associated with traditional wood boxes.

Easy Hook-up and Placement

Quick disconnects and quick-release connections are provided for easy hook-up and system placement options—including complete removal when extra cargo space is needed.

Efficient 200-watt Class D amplifier

BassLink DC is powered with an extremely efficient 200-watt RMS Class D amplifier that radiates very little heat and requires minimal current from the car’s electrical system. The amplifier also includes a precision limiter/compressor to control system behavior at peak power levels.

High- and Low-Level Inputs

The BassLink DC system is designed to be compatible with nearly every type of car audio system. It has speaker-level inputs for factory OEM systems or RCA line-level inputs for high-end aftermarket systems. BassLink DC also has four channel high level inputs to ensure non-fading bass.

Subwoofer User Controls

BassLink DC is outfitted with a complete set of user controls. There is a 180 degree phase switch, an input sensitivity switch to optimize the audio inputs, Variable Bass EQ (with up to 9dB of boost at 70Hz), and a crossover frequency control.

Audio Sense Circuit

An automatic audio sense circuit turns the amplifier on whenever it detects an audio signal. There is a switch to enable or disable audio sense (when disabled, subwoofer can be enabled by the remote-in terminal).

Audio Detect

The BassLink DC has an audio detect circuit that allows the subwoofer to turn on and timeout to standby. Timeout is fixed at 10 minutes. (The system has a relatively slow time constant to avoid unintentional turn-on.)

O.75 cu. ft.

The BassLink delivers higher output and deeper bass from an integrated system that is far more compact than conventional woofer enclosure systems. Less than one cubic foot and you’re better than the rest.

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