German Maestro MS 64.3 Active

The ultimate sound experience without compromise

With the GermanMAESTRO M-Line, you get the concert hall, the festival stage, the unplugged-gig and all your other favorite songs directly into your car – in a breathtaking quality.

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Technical Data

Diameter T/W:

40 mm (1.6“) / 10 cm (4“) / 16 cm (6.5“)



Power Handling: 

90 W RMS / 295 W Max.

Freq. Response: 

28 – 32.000 Hz


Crossover Frequency: 

209 / 2.350 Hz 12dB / 12dB / 12dB / 12dB


86 dB (2,83V/1m)

1) Tweeter

UltraSphere™ technology for extraordinary wide sound irradiation

Nano-ceramic coating on the tweeter dome for minimizing reflections at high frequencies

FEM calculated tweeter dome geometry for best possible force transmission from the voice coil to the tweeter dome

High power neodymium magnet system for best efficiency

0,75mm² connection cable for a lossless connection

The MT 40 WS with UltraSphere™ technology is a very high-resolution tweeter and one important component of the M-Line.


2) Midrange & Woofer Drivers

Nano-ceramic coating to minimize distortions and support the membranes

FEM calculated membranes for a high-end linear frequency response

25mm / 38mm edge wound voice coils for a high power handling

Gold coated connection terminals for an optimum connection to the speaker cable

Compact, high efficiency neodymium magnet system with FEM calculated t-yoke geometry to increase efficiency and linear travel of the voice coil

Aluminum basket with CTC technology for optimum heat removal and best performance

The MM 4008 midrange driver and the MW 6508 woofer driver are using nano-ceramic coated polypropylene membranes with an optimized geometry.

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