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Harmotech T2


Efficient way hybrid to meet with artificial realistic and natural sound.

T Series Combine TUBE technology synergy with soild state technology to achieve with new sound deimension.


Electro Harmonix the leading manufacturer
of vacuum tube in the world steadily improve the quality audio tubeare all new design and are of excellent quality. and well acceot in the music instrument. Studio & Home use mix & match with high grade ELNA capacity for audio grade and world leading powership from SANKEN to achive with efficient sound and performance


We invest take performance seriously that is why we do what we do to prevent listeners from enjoying the full potential. HARMOTECH solve this problem with our own patented of high grade connector component. flexible find tune with high quality crossover network.

The superior quality of the “EH”
tubesound effects are world renown for the analog sound and their line of premium tubes continues in this tradition of classic tone

Preamp Vacuum Tube

6922EH (also E88CC) High frequency twin triode preamplifier tube used in home & studio and hi-fi equipment.

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Number of channels                                                                 2

Amplifier class                                                                          AB

Output power in 4 ohm                                                             2 x 160 W RMS

Output power in 2 ohm                                                             2 x 240 W RMS

Frequency Respond                                                                10 Hz – 100 kHz

Crossover Range (Hi-Pass)                                                     15Hz – 500Hz

Channel Separation                                                                 63dB

Signal to Noise Ratio (A wtg) Ref Rated Power 4 Ohm        > 95dB

Damping                                                                                    > 200

Input Impedance                                                                       22k Ohm

Input sensitivity                                                                         300mV – 7V

T.H.D.                                                                                        <0.05%

Supply Voltage                                                                          11 ~ 15 VDC

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