Sky Line is a premium, these products are 38% lighter than Earth Line and anything else in the market. On top of that they also provide a higher damping coefficient than equivalent class products in the market. Unparalleled.

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Our premium line of vibration dampers – Sky line. There are two key factors making this a completely unique line of materials in the market:

  1. Space age composite butyl polymer – it is lighter and has a higher mechanical loss coefficient
  2. Tempered aluminium foil has undergone multiple heat treatments, making it firmer, further increasing its mechanical loss coefficient as well as increasing its durability. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the unparalleled effectiveness.


1 box of Pallium 2.6 mm (heavy) = 8 sheets 75×50 cm each = 3 m²

Application areas

Firewall, floor and wheel arches


A three-layered material:

  1. Self adhesive glue layer for installation, protected with anti-adhesive paper
  2. Our space age formula composite butyl polymer
  3. Tempered aluminium foil

Technical Specifications


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