KAPPA 1200W 12″ (300mm) High-Performance Car Audio Subwoofers

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General Specifications

Power Handling                                                        500W rms; 2000W Peak
Sensitivity (@ 2.83V)                                                91dB
Voice Coil Diameter                                                  2″ (51mm)
Impedance (ohms)                                                    2 or 4, switch selectable

Audio Specifications

Frequency Response                                                 25Hz – 175Hz


Voice Coil Diameter                                                    2″ (51mm)


SSI™ (Selectable Smart Impedance)

Most car audio system designs call for 2- or 4-ohm impedance. Kappa Series subwoofers put the choice in your hands. A proprietary HARMAN technology, SSI lets you reconfigure your system by simply flipping a switch.

Aero-cooled voice coil

The Kappa Series voice coil employs a two-sided, ducted airflow design that cools the voice coil, increases power handling and improves reliability. This aero-cooling design is unique among aftermarket subwoofers.

Acoustically damped glass-fiber cone

Kappa subwoofer cones incorporate glass-fibers for exceptional accuracy and detail. Inherently nonresonant, the glass-fiber cones eliminates distortion so your music—and nothing but your music— comes through loud and clear.

Premium screw-down terminals

Power is the lifeblood of any subwoofer. The terminals on the Kappa subwoofers accommodate up to 8-guage wire (8.37mm 2 cross section), which transfers low-resistance, low-loss power to the woofer, even over long wire runs.

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