Completely rethinking how to create great bass from a 12″ subwoofer.

The JBL® W12GTi MkII 12-inch (300mm) subwoofer is nothing short of amazing. Using technology from JBL’s professional audio division, where subwoofers have to fill large venues like stadiums and movie theaters with incredible bass, this subwoofer takes a completely new approach to moving air in a car. It all starts around the patented Differential Drive® Design (US patent no 5,748,760 and other patents pending) motor, which uses light and agile opposed 3-inch (76-millimeter) voice coils in a neodymium magnetic gap to provide completely linear control of cone excursion all the way up to Xmax. Symmetrical Field Geometry™ design ensures linear cone travel and low distortion at virtually any output level. Surrounding the proprietary motor design are other high-tech materials, including a cast-aluminum frame, Kevlar® cone, a nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) one-piece surround, gold-plated speaker-terminal binding posts, progressive spider and vented pole piece. This subwoofer handles an amazing 4,000 watts peak power (700 watts RMS), and all of its parts work in harmony to cool the voice coils for maximum output. This sub is one of the best car subwoofers that money can buy. It’s the 12-inch reference standard. Nothing else even comes close.

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General Specifications

Size      12
Series   Gti

Audio Specifications

Peak Power                        4000W
Power Handling                  (Peak)4000W
Nominal Impedance           3 or 12 ohms
Frequency Response         18Hz–1kHz ±3dB
Power Handling (RMS)      700W
Sensitivity(2.83V@1m)       91dB


Mounting Depth (in)                       10-1/4
Mounting Cutout Diameter (mm)    280
Mounting Depth (mm)                    260
External Diameter (mm)                 312
External Diameter (in)                    12-1/4
Mounting Cutout Diameter (in)       11

Woofer Specifications

Driver Radiating Area                                                (Sd – in2/cm2) 74.3/480
Magnetic Gap Height                                                 (Hag – in/mm)  1.0/25.4
Voice Inductance                                                       (Levc – mH) 0.75 (parallel VC connection)
Voice Coil Height                                                       (Hvc – in/mm) 2.6/66.04
Suspension Compliance                                            (Cms – ?m/N) 135.28
Voice Coil                                                                   vDual 6-ohm Differential Drive®, 3″ (76mm) diameter
Compliance Volume                                                   (Vas – ft3 / l) 1.58/44.75
Maximum Excursion                                                   (Xmax –in/mm) 0.8/20.32
Vented Polepiece                                                       Yes
Progressive Spider                                                     Yes
Surround                                                                     Nitrile-butylene rubber – one-piece with gasket
Low-Frequency Transducer                                       12″ (305mm) Kevlar®-impregnated paper cone
Total Q                                                                        (Qts) 0.51
Diecast Aluminum Frame                                           Yes (vented)
Motor Force Factor                                                     (Bl – Tm) 14.64 (parallel VC connection)
Electrical Q                                                                 (Qes) 0.55
Voice Coil DC Resistance                                           (Revc – ohms) 3.2 (parallel VC connection)
Mechanical QQ                                                           (Qms) 6.68

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